How to Shop Online

When you are busy with work, home and family matters, somehow the You gets missed out. You probably need a few extra items in your wardrobe to help pull everything together. As you have found, locating the shapes that work for you can take time. So here are some pointers to help you when you have time to yourself to shop online. I have included some top tips too, which should avoid annoying returns.

Rail of clothes

Where to Start

I often find department stores are a good starting point. In the UK, John Lewis is a good one to experiment with as it has a solid selection of core brands you will know and a few new ones. Great delivery and returns options too.

Rail of clothes, orange and blus

Orange adds a colour punch to denim blues

What Style do you need

Use the filters to choose your garment, maybe a skirt, trousers or dress. Then be a bit more specific, and narrow down the fit and length. What length of sleeve and necklines can all be specified. Maybe select a couple of options if you are not sure between a midi and maxi skirt, or cropped and full length trousers, for example.

Skirt and shirt combination

What style skirt…maybe midi or maxi would work.

What’s the Occasion

With some items, like dresses, they offer you ‘What Occasion’, defining boxes. Is it for a wedding, a party, or work? Be careful not to limit your choices as we all have different looks, so the algorithms may discount a dress you love. If unsure, ideally avoid this filter if you want to see more. 

Cream jacket to dress up

Dress for the Occasion, use filters for your day out.

Size Dilemmas

Always tricky but think about how certain brands cut smaller and others are a bit more generous. Typical ‘younger’ brands often cut with neater measurements so go up or down. If unsure order two to compare. Yes, you have to spend out twice initially, but it’s simpler to try on two together and return one for a refund. More companies are offering Tall, Petite, Plus and Maternity options so look for these filters if you want to. 

Showing a striped outfit

Filter your colour choice or ‘Multi’ for prints

Colour Choice

You can tick more than one colour or use ‘Multi’ for prints. Remember navy comes under ‘Blue’ and there is often a cross over between Neutrals and Brown for example, so tick both to open up more options. Colours can often vary to descriptions so if unsure, look up the actual brand’s website to see different or more details. 

Price Is Right

Be a little flexible with price so you get to see all the options,  Also if you love something and the price is too high, you can always click on their Wish Lists, to keep updated on the price reductions. Check for price matching too, to know you are getting the best deal.

Rails of jeans

With jeans you need to find your brand and buy a few to last!


  • Remember to tick the box to see only ‘In Stock’ items as it’s so annoying to go through the motions and find it out of stock.
  • Remember to look at the returns policy especially if you are buying from a new store to you.
  • Be aware of brands that are popping up on Google with very reduced prices. These can often be based abroad and have unfriendly return policies.
  • Read the customer comments to learn from others, and see if the sizing is coming up large or small. I find these generally very helpful.
  •  When you find a new brand you love, you can click on the More from…that brand to get similar styling in other garments.  If you find jeans you love, remember it and buy a few styles.
  • If out of your size, now check the brands own online site, or put the details into a browser to find other stores selling this product.
  • Only tick the filter boxes if those parameters are non-bending, otherwise leave unchecked so you can see more options, you may not have thought of.
  • Discount codes can be useful for additional percentages off or free delivery. I tend to use VoucherCodes for any up to date discounts.

Shopping online does take a bit of practice to find the brands that work for you and make the process as simple as possible. But persevere and use it as a process to narrow down your options to order online or go into the store and try on your selection if and when possible.

How to Shop Online – If I can help you on your way, check out my services HERE and I can support you to find new or classic brands for your budget and lifestyle.

Kirstie with client

Me at work, working to find clothes that will suit you.

Kirstie x