It’s all about finding your own style, an image that you can forget about through the day. Fashion is a funny thing – it shouldn’t be that important but if you are feeling low in confidence or have a job where image is significant, clothes do matter at a level that will differ for each of us.

Learn to enjoy clothes and the fun starts

How we can work together:
This is a guide, that often varies for each individual.

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Let’s discuss how working together can help you, and which service you need most to feel stylish and confident again. If email is easier, we can do that but now you’ve made the first step let’s start a conversation.

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Wardrobe Edit, from £150

3 hours at your home, plus emails before and follow up notes after the sessionFirst of all we chat by email, I would like to learn about your own style for home, work and going out. Colours and fabrics that you like and trickier issues that can make fashion frustrating.
Then we meet to look through your own rails of clothes to find the forgotten gems and classic layers before styling whole outfits together with accessories. I take a snap shots to remind you of how good you look.
You will end up with an uncluttered, easy to choose from wardrobe. Simple outfit choices, grouped together for day, evening and special occasions.
I check the fit and pin alterations if needed.
Unwanted clothes can be taken away to benefit charities but high end pieces can be taken to various pre loved shops to sell and make some money back.
I follow up by sending emails of all your images, a shopping list and tips you learned along the way.
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Shopping Day, from £150

1 hour pre selection, 2 hours shopping plus emails before and afterTo start with I search out groups of clothes that fit your requirements. I take photographs and plan a shopping route for the following few hours shopping together. We then speed shop the collections to complete your wardrobe essentials. A simple, fun process building outfits not just buying one-off items.
I have a strong eye for style, quality, what fits and what needs adjustment – I can direct you to the best shapes in a budget that suits you. I don’t want you to buy too much either, a small perfectly formed wardrobe is far better than an over flowing confusion of fabrics.
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Teenage Fashion Fix, £80

1 1/2 hours in your favourite brands, plus email chatNot all teenagers find shopping easy but mostly that’s down to confidence and trying on the right shapes to start with before the negatives set in.
First of all we exchange ideas and images from your favourite shops and Pinterest images. Then on the shopping day, I can focus on the most important shops that suits your shape, so you try on the most flattering styles. I take snap shots to remind of how good you look and help you build up an image bank to build on your own style.
We can stick to any budget and buy with a mix of necessity and inspiration.
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Email updates, £10-20 per month

If you have simple style questions through the month, email me to talk it through or you may need specific items and I will send you store links of where to buy them.
Send me your outfit pictures and we can discuss the best look for your event and how to style with accessories.
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Fashion and Make-up sessions and parties

Available for one to one or small groups. We come to the host’s home and set up for individual mini make-overs, bring a bag of clothes with you to chat about best way to style them and how the fit could be improved.
Please email for full information.
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