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How we can work together:
This is a guide, that often varies for each individual.

Free ‘Let’s have a chat’ Consultation

Let’s discuss how working together can help you, and which service you need most to feel stylish and confident again. If email is easier, we can do that but now you’ve made the first step let’s start a conversation.
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Personal Style Direction £50

First I will send you a few questions to find out more about your everyday style issues and how you would like to feel…comfortable with your own clothes or looking for a more challenging image. Together we will discuss styles you love and I will suggest ideas, outfits and new brands you can look at. We will get together somewhere local to you and chat over a coffee. Time: Approximately 1 hour together with email follow up.
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Introduction to Shopping Confidently £75

One of the easiest mistakes with shopping is to stick to the same shops… every time. Join me to explore new ideas, trying on new colours and styles so you grow in confidence and start to enjoy clothes again. Lots of snap shots as great reminders. Meet me in a larger town for this session, where we can explore. Time: Approximately 1 1/2 hours plus email follow up.
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Accessorise ME £100

Learn how to tie a scarf in a multitude of ways, what shape for what knot – let’s look through your jewellery, are you missing the fabulous gems under the unwanted rocks? How many handbags do you actually need? I take snap shots and send to you for easy reminders. Remember a few amazing pieces worn well look far more stylish than a new item for every outfit. We can meet at your house and work through your treasures. Time: 2 Hours.
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Wardrobe Edit £200

We will work through your own wardrobe, concentrating on spring/summer or autumn/winter to find outfits to wear for your everyday, a night out with girlfriends or ready for a special occasion. Accessorised and then photographed to remind you in the weeks following. I will send an email after the session with pages of your outfit images, shopping list and any information we discussed.
You will fall back in love with your own clothes and have a clear understanding of what to wear to each occasion – often there is too much choice!
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I will come to your house. Some frequent questions that may be on your mind.
Time: Approximately 3 hours
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Shopping Style Session £250

I research to pre select clothes for you to try on so you don’t need to waste time searching through rails looking and finding nothing. It’s still all about trying on, there is no easy way…clothes need to fit your three dimensional body with it’s own personal proportions. We will build up outfits using what you have at home and new additions, so that what you see in your wardrobe, you love and want to wear confidently and in your own style.

We will meet in a shopping centre that works best for you. Lots of snap shots as reminders and if needed we follow up with another home visit to pull everything together, with a photo session.
Time: Up to 4 hours
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Corporate Image Shop From £200

You have less time to walk the streets, so I do a lot of research before we meet to focus on those shops that suit your corporate style…. but these days it’s less about the suit and more about how you want to be perceived in your line of work. Having an image that is remembered is the key in the office…it may be your simple no clutter lines that make you stand out or it could be the most amazing ring you wear each day that sticks in their mind. I will help you find your stand-out image to give you the confidence to grow and keep moving up in your business. We meet in a shopping centre near you or I will bring clothes to you if preferred. Time: Research and together time will vary from 1-3 hours, flexible with you.
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Help, I need a wedding outfit? From £200

Are you a main player in the wedding? You want to look amazing, but not take focus away from the main players. You also want to feel fabulous and not like every other mother of the bride or groom. I will discuss your requirements and we will build a look that will photograph well and you can last the whole day…with a change for the evening if needed. We will need to build this look from conception to the full shebang, so this will involve emails and coffee (maybe bubbles !) You will enjoy the whole experience end feel fully confident to take your place on the top table.
Time: From 3-6 hours over a few sessions.
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I’m going to the Races – Yay! From £150

Dress, hat, bag… a look to impress but it’s important to keep your style high on the list. You can still stand out without going crazy – we want beautiful and classy, so lI’ll check all angles for those group photos to look fabulous throughout the day. We will email ideas and use Pinterest to build your look, we may need extra time to design your hat so let’s chat early. Or if you already have a hat we can make a new outfit to suit, and add a few extras to up-date and excite. We chat, meet and develop your look, from ideas to complete outfit. Time: From 2-4 hours.
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Perfect Packing £150

It may be a weekend get away or a family beach holiday, packing the right items will help you focus on relaxing and enjoying this precious down time. I will help you make outfits that are coordinated with accessories, with enough looks to fit each day and evening event. I will come to you but we will have emailed details of your trip so I can prepare some ideas. Time: Approximately 2 1/2 hours.
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Makeover – The Complete Image

Introducing my good friend and colleague, hair and make up artist, Hanna Wildman
Tap into our collective fashion and beauty skills and receive bespoke style direction, wardrobe detoxes, personal shopping, one to one make up tuition and special occasion ‘glamovers’ and photoshoots. A perfect gift or day out for anyone who has lost their way or would like to update their look.

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Your own Email Fashion Friend – Help me! £10 per month

Basically I am here to help you on a whim – what shoes work best here? Do I know where you can find the perfect clutch bag? I can also help you sell your unwanted items so you make make back. Direct Debit, from £10 a month, for approximately 5 email questions and replies.
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Once a booking has been made, a deposit is required, with the remainder payable following the appointment. I understand that things crop up so I am happy to change dates to suit without loss of deposit.