Over the years, I have learnt that creating a whole outfit is ‘Number One’ in requests from clients.

Yes, you all have gorgeous pieces in your wardrobe, but how to wear them in one or more ways is essential, adding confidence and speed for decision making in the morning.

Here are a few top tips that I have learnt along the way:

1. Experiment. Spend some time trying different ideas together, not all will work but some will, highlighting surprising combinations. Layering is the key to making new outfits out of similar items. Think two tops instead of one.

2. Research. Pinterest holds so many ideas on real body shapes. Search for key words like Skirt outfits, Smart Casual jackets, and scroll through the images that inspire you and then ‘save’ on your own board.

3. Don’t Match. Don’t try and match the main colour perfectly, a shade or two lighter or darker is much stronger. Lay garments together to see if the tones work together.

4. Hang together. Once you have located the top, bottom and accessories, hang everything together, so in that early morning rush, you can grab and go. I prefer these flocked style hangers for most tops, as they are space savingly thin and have a front hook to hang another hanger.

5. Top Coat. Plan your jacket or coat with the outfit, so when you are dashing out, the final piece doesn’t ruin the whole look.

6. Take snaps. Remind yourself of all the components with a simple picture, just hold your phone camera at arms length from top to bottom and crop out your head so you don’t worry about expressions!

Start your own Instagram account, keep it private if you want, and refer to your images for inspiration when needed.

Obviously if you struggle to do this on your own, I am here to help. Link to my Personal Styling page here.
Let’s get your own wardrobe in order before you start buying more, you may already own one!

Get started, with one or two complete outfits, hanging as one.

Make Mornings Marvellous.

K x