Learn to be confident with fashion

I am passionate about clothes, fabrics, prints and interesting colour combinations. I love to inspire others to find the right shapes and colours, which in turn builds a new self belief. Learning to be confident with fashion and choosing the clothes that suit you will mean you enjoy the important events and relax as ‘you’.

No Clothes for Me

If you feel there are no clothes out there for you, try looking with fresh eyes in stores you may not normally visit. Before you shop, work out what you need and the criteria each item should follow. Do you want smart/casual, washable, natural blend fabrics, bold print? Then survey the rails, quickly eliminating all those that don’t tick the boxes, so you can focus on the important ones to try on.

Rails of clothes

Look through rails thinking about outfits at home, what could work with what, for different occasions.

Learn to Experiment

I often play around with my own clothes by trying things on back to front, layering flowers and stripes and experimenting with sheer over prints, basically, playing at dressing up, even now.

A while ago, I have set up workshops with Catwalk in Godalming to offer the chance to learn together. I worked with small groups of lovely ladies, looking at colour and encouraging them to try on something new. They were liberating sessions that helped in finding the right jeans fit for some and letting go of preconceptions for others. It was a less pressured way of  buying, more about having fun and seeing how it feels; give something a go that may inspire a new direction or remind you of a little gem hanging in the back of the wardrobe.

What they said:

“I was a little bit nervous if I’m honest (stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy!) but I can truly say I relaxed quickly, learned a lot, and enjoyed myself into the bargain too.”

“I loved our session and am already enjoying my pieces.  Also, feeling inspired to reinvent a few of my outfits with fun colour details using the colour wheel”

What we got up to during our workshops:

Confident to try a dress over jeans

Try something new, dress over jeans. All too much!

Try wearing a printed T-shirt under blazer

Printed t-shirt under blazer, a great look with jeans.

Confident to be bold with strong colours over stripes

Pow! Bold colour with stripes.

Find your own jean shape

Find your jeans shape?

Find your perfect dress shape

Great dress, especially with jeans around ankles!

confident to experiment with colours and tones

Going tonal with pink – finger pointing says it all!

TOP TIPS to be Confident with fashion again:

Prepare – Searching rail after rail can be tedious so prepare online beforehand. Use the filters to find what you want in store. I often phone ahead to put items aside, or buy a larger selection if buying online. Make lists of the shapes you need and the preferred colours, but be flexible with those pieces you just feel a passion for.

Experiment – If you like the look of it, try it on, or if online, look at the comments or images from previous customers. Always love something about it, colour, fabric, print. Think of another way you could wear it – layer under or over, and when would you wear it?

Make the outfit If you love a skirt in your wardrobe but don’t have a whole look, take it with you to find its partner. Remember colours don’t have to match perfectly, a few shades off can often looks better. 

Size up – It’s miserable trying on something too small, you can always size down if needed. Too tight is not a look to go for, remember waists can be tailored, hems shortened.

Check the labels – I always prefer the natural blends, viscose is ok, polyester hardly ever, although I know it has it’s uses, but the feel, or handle of the cloth, has to resonate with you.

Give yourself the time to play, but if you need direction, send me a message so we can chat kirstie@kirstiesmillie.com

Enjoy K x


Go forth with confidence.