I know this is the wrong time to play with crafty things – at this stage I should be finishing last minute shopping or planning meals but somehow I got waylaid … I found the best sweatshirts in Sainsburys! I bought two for £8 (one for me, one for my daughter) dark green, great quality…oh yes they were from the school department but who would know (apart from you as I’ve told you!) I actually fitted snugly into an age 12 (they had run out of the larger size in my store), but I wanted a shorter top to go with my plaid skirt to show off the waist. Some colours go up to an age 15/16, perfect for a medium size fit.

I wanted a top with a saying, not crude, racy or funny, but uplifting, so this is the perfect top to experiment. Bella Freud works the trend.


Bella‘s words

This is my creation and how I made it, starting at Sainsburys.

sainsbury_Green_01.jpg_LARGE crop

Sainsbury’s two sweatshirts, £8!

live life

Choose words, enlarge and print.

livelife 2

Pin in place, pin prick letters and swivel pencil gently to make faint dots

live life 3

Use an embroiderey hoop to make sewing easier.

live life 4

Stem stitch the words – I found these explanations easy to pick an embroidery stitch.

my words

Worn with my favourite plaid skirt

I have definitely got the bug and want to write more in thread – cushions next I feel !

Happy Christmas, looking forward to a new year.

Kirstie x