It’s called many things…wardrobe edit, sort, clear out but basically this is the perfect time to take the stress out of the morning, ‘I don’t know what to wear’ wardrobe.
I have been working with some lovely ladies over the last few weeks, we have taken the whole lot out and put back maybe 50% (with a little room to add the essentials missing)

I did my wardrobe over the weekend. It wasn’t really planned but with some plumbing work needed and wardrobe moved, it was as good a time as ever. I made a mess but the result are refreshing. I can look at the items I will be wearing now and I’m excited as they are looking new again.

1. Move out summer. Unless you have a trip to warmer climes, very lightweight can be taken out. Find a space in the attic, spare room wardrobe, or folded in packing boxes.

2. Remind yourself of shapes forgotten. Try them on. If it’s to stay in your vision for the next few months you really need to know how you will wear it.

3. Have you got good under layers? Layering is great this winter, stripes and polo necks under shirts, sleeveless dresses and jumpsuits. Hobbs, Jigsaw and Uniqlo.

4. Ankle boots fill the crop trouser space perfectly, they are very flattering with dresses too. Russell & Bromley have great options.

5. Hang in outfits and take snap shots to remind you of each look. Decide on accessories and hang scarves alongside. Go for colour, painted designs for impact.

6. Place your everyday looks, whether thats work or casual, centre front of your wardrobe, with evening and special occasion to one side or in another room.

7. Are some jumpers just too bobbly? Even with a little comb to remove the bits…ok it’s time to go.

8. Opaque tights are essential items for dresses and ankle boots. Stock up.

9. The little details – search through your scarves and belts, work out where you wear them and bag up the others. Hang with the chosen outfit.

10. Love your clothes. Get a lift in what you wear. The feel or colour, just wear something that makes you smile.

You might make a mess, but try and the Winter Shuffle to fall in love with your clothes again.

K x