How to dress for online meetings

If you are now working from home, a bit of thought and focus will help you find the right looks for online meetings. Your top half needs to be simple and clear for video business calls, adding colour if you want to stand out and details for any creative positions.

shirt with tie

I love to wear this silk floral shirt with a little tie of ribbon for neck detail.

I love this Instagram post by the very polished, Helen Morrissey talking about her rules for working from home. She has found her own style and is not afraid of colour and making a style statement.

How to dress for online meetings

Helen Morrissey outfit options for online meetings

Here are her top tips for online meetings:

1.  No wearing PJs
2.  Take time to do your hair and make-up as usual
3.  Get some fresh air and exercise.
4.  If you have to do video calls make sure the background behind you isn’t distracting or unprofessional (I once made the mistake of having the ironing board in full view, groaning under mountains of ironing.

The experts – and common sense – tell us that the first three help our mental health, which is so important at a stressful time. When it comes to ‘what to wear’ I’ve learned that a jewel-coloured polo neck with a necklace looks both polished and appropriate for remote meetings (a structured jacket is too ‘fake news’ when people know you are at home) – if polo necks don’t suit you then a simple coloured blouse or shirt is a good alternative.

Black is too draining for most of us on video and white is too stark. I have an ‘important’ video call this morning so have decided to make it feel like I’m in an office by wearing my skirt and heels but then I’m going to change into my jeans and trainers.
Click HERE for the link to Helen Morrissey’s instagram posts full of business outfits.

Working online, screen images

Recently I have also been linked with the on screen image, when the lovely team at BUStyle and owner Natalie Tincher asked me to cover a maternity period, preparing the outfits for the London presenters at Bloomberg TV. The team are based in New York and as well as styling personal clients, they coordinate the global outfits for all of the overseas talent presenting for the business news channel, including Francine Lacqua below.

What to look out for:

Generally, the look is for pure colours in classic shapes, not too tight but not shapeless. Dresses are key with a sleeve or a neat unstructured jacket over a simple camisole top. A fabric, not tight jersey, camisole is a key item under any jacket. Don’t over do the jewellery unless it is one key item with an uncluttered neckline.

The Cami

The basic cami from Oasis is made from polyester, so less see-through, and as away from arms, hopefully not too hot and makes for easy machine washing. The orange colour is great too. Although HERE is a silk version from Boden, £48.

The Jacket

And for a less structured jacket, I spotted this jersey option last week, in two shades of blue which is a great style for smart casual with a simple neckline underneath and worn later with jeans.

Or bold and bright from Boden, a soft stretch tailored look.

The Dress

Here are a few more ideas for clear colours if you need a little top up:

The silk shirt

So, looking forward… if you have business video calls to make, start preparing a weekly wardrobe, searching though your own rails for flattering colours, with simple necklines. Obviously if there is no video, go for comfort but aim to dress up just a little to feel the part. And if your job is more creative, feel free to use this time for playful expression. With a bold necklace or earrings to make a statement, keeping the rest of the outfit simple or monochrome.

Add a statement

bold necklace for online meetings

Go bold with One statement

I am tending to wear my joggers and trainers on my bottom half, as every now and then I need to get outside and spin my skipping rope, worn with a smarter top and a statement necklace or pop of colour for my video chats.  Let me know if I can help sort out your wardrobe remotely, just don’t ask me to stand up!

HERE is a link to some of the services I offer including how to dress for online meetings.

Sending love and best wishes to you all.

Kirstie x