Last week a friend bought a lovely gift of flowers and we discussed the dipped dyed petals, something that usually neither of us would choose but as you can see there is something magical in the results. The lilies opened yesterday to reveal a gorgeous orange and pink burst contrasting with the blue. Very fake but beautiful in its own right.


It made me think that fake is sometimes the way forward – even a necessity!

Looking at my lily-white legs and realising I have a scary body baring Center Parcs weekend coming up, fake is definitely called for.


So I bought my first skin tanner of the year, Dove Derma Spa, which is hopefully going take the glow off my white limbs so I don’t feel like a luminous beacon! I buy the Fair to Medium skin tone as this is enough to add much needed confidence. Best to add lightly, after a morning shower, and build up over a few days instead of a thick layer in one go.

Just a hint of fake does the trick.

K x