I seem to be collating a lot of information on stuff. Too much of it and how to deal with it.

India Knight wrote in the Sunday Times, a few weeks ago, about Ikea’s change of direction to a ‘more circular’ e.g. recycling business. India then continued with how she found huge shopping centres over powering with too much choice,

” I don’t want to pick my way through 295 paris of strikingly overpriced jeans: it’s boring and I have better things to do.”

I totally, agree and I have been working with smaller boutiques recently and love the lack of choice. It harks back to actually enjoying shopping in a relaxed environment – and not always a pricier option. I helped clear a client’s wardrobe last week and the results were like a big deep breath, we could see what she loved without the ‘hanger’s on’.

Then I read the article from the Telegraph’s, Stella, My year tidying up. Angela Buttolph wrote about her quest to follow the blockbusting book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo with her follow up version just published, Sparks Joy: An illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying.  One of Marie’s tips:

” Ask yourself if it sparks joy? Remember: you are not choosing what to discard but rather what to keep. Keep only those things that bring you joy.”

I read this and immediately cleared out 3 carrier bags from my own drawers. Yay! It felt good.

Ok, I still have a rail in the attic, the width of my house to deal with, but hey it’s a start!

K x