A Great time to Declutter

You have probably done a lot of the chores on your long ‘to do’ list but your bedroom closets may still be looming, so now is a great time to declutter your wardrobe.

An Oxfam survey found that almost a third of Britons feel their wardrobe is a mess and needing a declutter, but the reality of a sort-out can be quite daunting knowing that some clothes may not fit, others need altering and a few still have swing tags attached!

So the best way to attack this job is in small steps. I began my own change over this morning – I started by moving the obvious winter weight trousers and jackets back to the attic – just a little at a time.

Tackle one drawer at a time, for a mini declutter

Take everything out, t-shirts, sweaters, crumpled vest tops. Do they fit? Are they clean? Do you still wear them or could they be useful hanging with that low top that always gapes? 

Then, only put back the items that are wearable and clean.

I don’t think it’s that important to be super tidy, as it’s so hard to keep up, but be organised so you can see clear outfit choices. Bag up un-wanted items for charity or resale shops for when they open up again.

Another day, another drawer until you are ready to work on the full wardrobe spaces.

jacket worn as a cardigan

Re-work a jacket to feel like a cardigan

Does your wardrobe make you smile? 

Such a small thing, but with all the sadness around, clothes can be a comforting layer in your life. Maybe just a soft luxury fabric, a beautiful print or a link to fun memories. A recent client had her lovely mother-in-law’s jackets that I altered to fit as they were great fabrics and reminded her of sentimental times.

add colour to bring you joy

Does it bring you joy?

Learn to let go.

Give yourself permission to let go of clothes that may have cost a lot but have hardly been worn. We all make mistakes but it’s better to sell or give to charity for someone else to enjoy instead of harbouring guilt.

make sure you wear all of your clothes

Only keep it if you can visualise when you will wear it.

Experiment to make new outfits.

The joy of clothes can have a hugely uplifting effect and by experimenting you will find some of your older clothes offer that boost too. New colours together, layering prints, a button-down dress as an over jacket or a jacket relaxed as a cardigan. Even just a flash of colour using a different belt will change an outfit.

I have fallen back in love with a jacket from a pale blue trouser suit that is now a great blazer to smarten up my go to baggy jeans.

New ways to wear a suit jacket

My own suit jacket worn as blazer

“If you love it, think how you can wear it for your own life now”

Blue and orange colour combinations

Experiment with new colour combinations….

try new colour combinations

Lilac and gold colour pop

try new print on print combination

or print on print …

try different prints together

Graphic and floral print combination

Add one or two new to inspire.

Once your wardrobe is clear of clutter, think about adding a few new items, maybe a classic white shirt that is missing or a much needed flash of spring  colour.

A gorgeous printed dress and fresh trainers would be great investments pieces. Most of the online shops are sending out purchases with a little delay but ideally contact your local fashion boutiques directly as most are offering speedy front door deliveries. 

Here is another, fairly recent, article I wrote, entitled Guilt Free Wardrobe, for some more in depth ways to love and care for your own wardrobe.

Send me a message if you need any help with your own wardrobe declutter but try and use this time to get a bit more organised for the good time summer ahead.

Kirstie xx

Images all found on Pinterest.