This is the perfect time to buy from the upper end of the high street, look at quality reductions not basement bargains. Classic items that will be just as useful next year as this year, a coat or simple top layer that can easily be updated with the new trouser shape or skirt flare. In broad terms, keep the outer layers classic shades but add colour for layers and accessories.

I will always check out Jaeger, great pieces and their reductions seem fair. At present some items have an extra 25% off, but add in the £3.95 for on-line delivery. Here’s a selection of yummy things that are worth buying now.

I know this isn’t purely classic, but I love the 3/4 sleeves of this coat as it allows a coloured sleeve to show and keeps it modern. A high wool percentage blend, dry clean.

Coloured knitwear will be part of your wardrobe next year, so start early with this crew neck with casual styling details. Wool/Cashmere blend, washable.

Another classic knit in a gorgeous purple, to layer over shirts, with zip detail. Wool/cashmere blend, washable.

A pop of colour as your accessory, a leather clutch will always come in handy.

Grey basics are a must in your wardrobe and I love this coat come cardigan, warm but slouchy. Mainly wool and dry clean.

For a cosy evening slouch or for day when the weather warms up, layer with a cape knit. Wool/cashmere, washable.

For a perfect black coat, that’s also available in a neutral, this pure wool is a lifetime winner, work, evening or over jeans. Dry Clean

So select carefully and choose items you wear most of the time (not the sparkly dress ‘cos it’s so pretty’!)

K x