It’s been a busy busy June, meeting wonderful ladies looking to find the perfect outfit for an event or building confidence for a new phase in life. 

Last week was an inspiration during my Hobbs workshop sessions – small groups of women who didn’t know each other, chatting, encouraging and complimenting others whilst finding key items that fit into their own wardrobes, lifestyles and boosting confidence at the same time. With a few well chosen quality pieces it is easy to add the fun fashion items to make the changes.

One of the lightbulb moments for all was realising that you need to try on items out of your comfort zone, they may not be perfect but you learn about new shapes/colours/necklines that could suit you. Basically experiment and enjoy the experience and allow plenty of time to do it. We loved: 

For tricky skirts, a wrap blouse fills the gap for the tuck in (or not) dilemma, and this one is also super flattering left out over high waist trousers.

These jeans were a winner with a few ladies, (who didn’t want to try them on) surprisingly flattering and a perfect length for ankle strap espadrilles or easy flip flops for low key dressing. 

Simple day t-shirt with off centre flattering side tie which sits easily over trousers.

Wear silk in the day time to get that lux feeling, in Ice blue or Chilli red for a powerful evening shirt; orange clutch with the blue; royal blue with the red or fuchsia pink for high-octane clashing.

Great jacket with jeans over casual t-shirt or slinky shirt.

Retro styled top left open for fuller busts or bowed for smaller, wear over long sleeve t-shirts into Autumn or with coloured cardigans.

Simple cotton cardi to throw over layers, available in a few colour options.

The relaxed chic of a shirt dress, buttoned up as a dress or undone as a long jacket. It’s a winner.

How they looked…. looking down, my attempt at being arty as opposed to miserable – in fact we had lots of laughs!

Talking scarves and how to wear them.

“It was great working with you and I came away feeling very satisfied that I had been brave and chosen some very different styles and forced my way out of my comfort zone.”

“Thank you Kirstie – I enjoyed your workshop so much today and couldn’t have wished for nicer ladies to share it with, they were lovely! You made me feel very at ease and it was just a great few hours. I am so pleased with all the items I came home with today.”

“Had a really interesting and useful session with you at Hobbs this morning. Many thanks for helping me come out of my comfort zone Kirstie. I would definitely to do it again in the Autumn.”

More sessions to follow so if you like the sound of them let me know.

K x