They are a love or hate style, but with so many options out there, one crop trouser will be right for you. Inspired by an email from Uniqlo, where they span slim to wide crops, I have started my own search for more cropped trousers for this Spring Summer.

I don’t suit shorts, so for me a crop offers a softer summer leg shape without having to bare my knees and above, (best hidden these days). Getting the shoes right is a challenge as heels look best and can make a thicker ankle look more slender, but everyday heels will never be my choice.
So my advice is to wear finer strap sandals to soften the proportion, as heavier sandals can look clumpy. Or if you are going for the chunky look, choose a neutral shade. For evening, choose a classic slim court or for day smart, though sometimes a little too boyish for many, a loafer.

White plimsoles always look cool.


Pinterst inspriation – lace ups


Wider legs suits strappy sandals


Go neutral for chunky


Wedge for turn ups


Wide with soft wedge


Classic court for smart

For me, backless shoes can look too minimal and unflattering, whereas neutral flatter and elongate.


No…too dark and too flat


Yes…neutral shades elongate

Remember any trouser can become a crop, a double roll in fine fabrics or single turn up in heavier, a few inches above the ankle to flash a little flesh while we transition to Summer.

Do you love or hate?

K x