It took a plumber’s leak in the attic this morning for me to empty out my whole wardrobe and really think about what I would put back in. And earlier this week, I was working with a client who, due to a tricky bedroom shape, brought all of her clothes (from wardrobe and drawers) downstairs for a serious edit. We probably removed about three quarters to get sold or passed on to charity. This meant that what went back in was the absolute items she will wear now, but ready for the missing pieces to complete her compact wardrobe.

Even without a reason, taking all your clothes out, is a great way to kick start the Autumn season (mindful that we may also get some warm weather back again). Holiday and hot summer clothes can be stored away, sandals too, but keep out printed summery shirts to layer under colourful knitwear, showing printed collar and cuffs, and also darker toned full flowery skirts to wear with chunky knits and ankle boots.

The new season is full of checks, cardigans (take it easy), corduroy, trousers suits, fluid asymmetric hemlines and plenty of colour too. So the following are inspiration treats to inspire, some a little OTT, others easy to translate.

Tartan and heritage checks are everywhere, but a belted coat is a keeper.

I love a layer, and this oversized cardigan becomes a coat and great over a denim jacket,  a style idea I will definitely try.

Cord is back and if you can’t face a full 70’s flare, try a slim crop worn in the new tonal colours.

I’m loving the return of trousers suits, although not sure when I will wear one yet. Ok this colour is a bit powerful but it proves the matching point, and more interesting than looking at a grey suit!

Asymmetric hems are a flattering wearable style, with trainers or ankle boots for an everyday option to denim.

Pretty printed dresses with sleeves are coming in at all levels, high street and designer, so no excuses to brighten up winter florals.

As always only move into a trend if you actually love it enough to know it will sit in your wardrobe for a few years, otherwise leave it for the fashion followers.

K x