There seems to be a panic in the air from women I am meeting, worrying about what they should be wearing!

Anguish generally seems to be about what is in fashion and how to follow the trends. Inspiration from well know bloggers seems to exacerbate the problem, as they tend to talk the ‘average lady’ talk but wear the new trends on a regular basis. Whereas the reality for most of us who do not buy clothes continuously, we need to be creative with  our own wardrobes with a few additions here and there, more often what is easy, a sweater during the weekly shop with a simple click and collect order to pick up. I love the simple process of ordering from John Lewis but picking up from Waitrose, 2 in 1, food and fashion on all levels. Delivery to a store is free over £30 or £2 if under and returns are easily dropped off in the same place.

So with inspiration from Pinterest, think about how your want to look. At work, are you meeting new clients or just an admin day?  At home, are you fitting in a gym class and onto the weekly food shop. Our weeks are busier than ever so make the time count to wear gorgeous clothes, old favourites or new additions.

The Inspiration. Simple work strategy, cream and black. Statement coat over basics.

The Inspiration. Creative layering for work, smart but with an edge

The Inspiration. All cosy now, layer knits over long sleeved interest.

The Inspiration. Go colour blocking for maximum impact. Avoid black accessories, choose tan or navy.

The Inspiration. Keep the humour, prints and text if you like the sentiment.

Penguin from John Lewis T-shirt, it’s a mens one but peeping out under a tailored blazer can be quite cheeky.

Don’t stress about it. Only buy what you love and what works with your own lifestyle, not a bloggers interpretation. Shop when you can enjoy the process and know that there are easier ways out there, a supermarket sweep, is just another option.

Love to know what you think?

K x