You read any stylist’s top tips, and they will remind you to make sure you have the classics in place.

For a working wardrobe, the basic core items need to be there to build around.

After that it becomes so much easier to add the fun bits – the trend items to develop your own style.


1   Core item – The Black trousers

I love the quality of Reiss – their black trousers are well made, classic but cut on trend too. All are Dry clean.


Reiss harris trs-2

Reiss high waisted soft pleated trousers

Reiss ria trs-2

Reiss cropped, side fastening trousers


Reiss slim leg, classic trousers

Me+Em are a smaller brand with a huge amount of style. I love their trousers because they are WASHABLE, yay! I have picked the wider styles but they also show slim leg versions.

Me Em slimflaretrouser

Me+Em tailored slim flare

me_em_wide crop

Me+Em wide crop trouser

Me Em slimflaretrouser

Me+Em tailored man pant


Most wardrobes warrant a slim and wide leg black trouser –  you will always need them to fall back on.

Kirstie x