De-cluttering is the buzz work for January so I have attempted to make it easier, cutting it down into sizeable piles, drawer, by drawer, as featured in Muddy Stilettos, with thanks to Amber.

How to declutter your wardrobe

Are you overwhelmed by the state of your wardrobe?  Whether you’re a fashion-crazed shopaholic or someone who just can’t part with anything, now is the best time of year to reassess your wardrobe.

Yes, it’s a daunting task – I could get lost in mine for days – but that’s why we’ve asked personal stylist Kirstie Smillie, a former fashion stylist for Good Housekeeping and Ideal Homes, for her top tips on how to control the clutter in just a few well-spent hours.

Stopwatches at the ready? And go…

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All smiles at the beginning of a Wardrobe De-clutter

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