Think about it – you probably have a handful of dresses that you once loved and even though they will never fit or are maybe too worn in places, you just can’t let go.


Dress in need of a new identity

So plan B is to make it into another loved item. A sumptuous cushion comes to mind and as with this Monsoon dress which a friend had once loved, I made the most of the details we had.  I kept the energy of the dress and used all the key areas, pleats, print, chiffon and a little beading.

You have to be a little clever to work around seams and curved lines, and with this one I used the chiffon to hide the seams. I unpicked the zip and re used it in the back, so I only had to buy the filling for a few pounds.

From pretty dress that needed a change… to a gorgeous bedroom cushion.


Balance the print with detail


Pleats adds interest on the back







It made a totally unique gift and more room in the closet!

K x