I read an article the other day that got me thinking. Francesca Segal wrote in the Sunday Times’s Style magazines about her experiences with moths (Tineola bisselliella, apparently!) and the larvae that silently worked their way through her clothes, nibbling indiscriminating through her high street and designer garments.

She had to bag up nearly all her belongings and start again. Only when she started to buy new, she decided to buy just what she needed. A few cashmeres, jeans, vest tops, and a couple of show stoppers. The list will, no doubt, grow as occasions arise, wedding guest, holiday layers, sporting Lycra but what should develop is a clear new wardrobe, where everything is relevant.

But this brings me to the importance of the basics. The classic items we should all have in our wardrobes, whatever the trends, and number one on my list is  The essential White Shirt. This season, shirts have appeared with multi ruffles, bows and uneven hems, but nothing beats a classic as Victoria Beckham OBE demonstrates.

Wear casual under blazers with jeans, sleeves long, or over vest tops with cuffs rolled up, or even as a cover up by the pool. It needs to be oversized, cotton (or high percentage), crisps and easy wash.

Wear in the evening with long as Emma Watson, Ralph Lauren style,

or daywear chic, jeans and pumps, as Lucinda Chambers who has just announced her departure as Fashion Director of Vogue after 36 years at the title. Details here.

Or with jeans and heels for casual evening glamour.

If you need to buy a new white shirt, take a look at menswear for oversized and simple in design. H&M do an amazing job with women’s shirts but I like the look of the guys options too.

If in doubt, go classic.

K x