July 2, 2020
Kirstie styling

How to work with a Personal Fashion Stylist

What is a Personal Fashion Stylist? When you work with a personal fashion stylist it should be a life changing moment. The stylist will concentrate on […]
June 24, 2020
Rail of clothes

How to Shop Online for Busy Women

How to Shop Online When you are busy with work, home and family matters, somehow the You gets missed out. You probably need a few extra […]
May 31, 2020

How to style a Blazer for different Occasions

How to Style a blazer A blazer is a key item in your wardrobe so learning how to style one for different occasions, with jeans, for […]
April 15, 2020

A great time to Declutter your Wardrobe

A Great time to Declutter You have probably done a lot of the chores on your long ‘to do’ list but your bedroom closets may still […]
April 7, 2020

Lock Down Creative

Make your own cards I thought I would be sewing during these weeks of quiet, but during the afternoon lull I have recently enjoyed making my […]
March 29, 2020

Easy T-Shirt Challenge

Easy no sew experiment A little bit of fun styling for you, easy peasy, no sew, just cut and experiment, with no pressure on the results. This […]
March 20, 2020

Working Online Outfits

How to dress for online meetings If you are now working from home, a bit of thought and focus will help you find the right looks […]
February 27, 2020
Kirstie in Print

Spring Jackets…what to look out for

In my latest article out in print I have mentioned Spring…a little early it now feels but let’s just pretend it is close and lighter weight […]
February 4, 2020

My mood is pink!

I have the feeling I want to wear pink….it may be the gloomy weather, but I suddenly want to find a shade of blush to wear. […]
January 1, 2020

Guilt Free Wardrobe

How to Love your Clothes and lose the Guilt Like many people, I am guilty of owning too many clothes. I do love most of them […]
October 30, 2019
Kirstie in Print

The Yard Market – a Godalming secret

It has been a pleasure meeting Laura and Danielle from The Yard Market, full of fresh ideas for sustainability and inspiration. Here is their story in […]
July 30, 2019

Let it all go – a comfort call!

I have vivid memories of my mum slipping her bra off during summer evenings – a subtle back reach to unclasp, double shoulder shift and side […]