My mood is pink!

Feb 4th, 2020 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 5 min read

I have the feeling I want to wear pink….it may be the gloomy weather, but I suddenly want to find a shade of blush to wear. Not the baby soft kind, but the hot power shades that liven up the skin and add a kick to neutrals. I bought my first pair of brown trousers in years just last week, a proper mud brown that…

Kirstie in Print

Guilt Free Wardrobe

Jan 1st, 2020 Fashion, Inspiration, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

Happy New Year and welcome to a year of re thinking how we shop and clothe ourselves – still enjoying the process but with a little more thought… making a difference where we can. With my latest article I have tried to start the thought process with a few ideas, moving forward to less excess but loving what you have, buying better when you need…

Kirstie in Print

How to run a fashion business (or two!)

Sep 6th, 2019 Fashion, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

In my latest article out this month in Vantage Point Magazine, I chat to Liz Trendle owner of two boutiques in Surrey. Years ago I set up a boutique in Guildford as an excited fashion designer, only to find out the hard way that running any fashion business is tough. Here’s how Liz works it.

Let it all go – a comfort call!

Jul 30th, 2019 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 2 min read

I have vivid memories of my mum slipping her bra off during summer evenings – a subtle back reach to unclasp, double shoulder shift and side slide to remove said undergarment, 10 seconds flat!  It makes me chuckle as it all makes sense now. Underwired bras, in relax mode, after 8pm are far too uncomfortable . So I did a bulk buy from Marks the…

A Good Crop

Jun 4th, 2019 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 2 min read

This is one of those items you didn’t know you needed until you had one! A cropped sweater in a perfect length for higher waisted trousers and skirts, that are everywhere this season, and this one is now reduced to £29. It’s 90% Merino and 10% Cashmere, soft and a great fit, and…machine washable, yay! Easy to put over shirts for collar and hem to…

Easy Outfit, keep it Tonal

May 26th, 2019 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 3 min read

Sometimes I see a look on Pinterest and know that’s what I want to wear when it’s cool one minute, chilly the next. Leather jacket, fluid skirt, fun sneakers and simple shirt, all in soft tones so not too jarring but enough interest in fabrics and textures.  As the weather is pretending to warm up, the leather jacket can easily be replaced by a dark blue denim jacket, like this…

Pack It in!

Apr 8th, 2019 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 9 min read

Who doesn’t love a weekend away? A few days to unwind and forget the mundane chores at home and in my case, the bathroom that needs a paint job! Excitement rises as I think of the breakfast bar but then mild panic sets in at the thought of packing and getting it right. As a family we have made some real clangers at Check In…

Wardrobe Revisited

Jan 29th, 2019 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 10 min read

In my latest article with Vantage Point magazine, I worked with Alison discussing her own wardrobe and creating new outfits from clothes she already had – we split up two-pieces, played with new colour combinations and made loved items work for her life now. For the full story, more images and Alison’s own comments, see below.   This stripy Boden shirt came with a pale…

Sale Shop Clever

Jan 8th, 2019 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 4 min read

Happy New Year to you – now, take a deep breath and relax. Yes there are sales but don’t panic as there will be more discounts and if you miss a specific item this time, don’t fret, other options will be out there. The modern way to look at sales is to replace clothes you actually need, not just to buy a random item because…

Kirstie in Print

The Shoe Fits

Nov 5th, 2018 Fashion, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

My latest article published in Vantage Point. Scroll down for the second page. ” You may have sorted the outfit but sometimes getting the right shoe is the hardest part….”