Don’t forget the classics – item three

Feb 15th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 3 min read

It’s nearly too simple but every time I work with a wardrobe, it’s the item that needs replacing. 3.  Core item – The Long Sleeve White T-shirt Ideal for layering as shown on Pinterest, under, over, inside, sitting low, sitting high. A no brainer. Always buy one with a stretch fibre blend to keep its shape, otherwise the body and sleeves will go baggy and…

It’s a Navy and White Day

Jan 25th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 2 min read

Well, when isn’t it a navy day really. Classic and refreshing, with jeans or for a work wardrobe. Model and business woman, Ines de La Fressange’s new collaboration with Uniqlo picks up on the ‘bleu marin’ staple of fashion in her range, above, beautifully described in French (with translation) here. I love this classic cotton and wool piped edge jacket, in a subtle textured rib….

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