Silk knotted cushion

Nov 1st, 2015 Inspiration Kirstie 2 min read

I had a notion the other day and acted on it straight away. Using a beautiful silk scarf to cover a feather pad without cutting the scarf and spoiling the print. Simple and effective. Birthday present sorted for that evening You will need: Silk scarf, 16″ cushion pad, cotton and thread. It really is an easy way to make a sumptuous silk scarf. Search out…

It’s a Wrap

Nov 1st, 2015 Fashion Kirstie 2 min read

Or is it a poncho, cape or shawl… Whatever we call it, it’s the shape of the season. An easy layer to fling over, cover up and fits all occasions. My teenage daughter loves them and my seventy-five year old mum loves them too. They are more of an accessory than an actual garment as it really doesn’t matter too much on the fit as…

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