Easy no sew experiment

A little bit of fun styling for you, easy peasy, no sew, just cut and experiment, with no pressure on the results. This is great for anyone looking for an hour’s project. 

So first of all, go and search for an oversized t-shirt, an old one ideally!  You should have one lurking or ask any males in the family who may not need the larger sizes anymore! This all about being creative in a, non stressful way, the outcome is flexible, just enjoy experimenting as it’s fun to play.

TOOLS for this simple challenge:

  • One oversized T-shirt
  • Scissors

That’s it!

one large t-shirt

One oversized T-shirt

Step 1

First, I cut off the neck ribbing. On the inside you will have overlocking stitches, so try and avoid cutting those to keep it neater, but no issues if you do snip a stitch. If your t-shirt has a taped back neck, I would cut underneath that area.

Easy to remove neck band

Snip off the rib neck band

Tick… one headband for taking make-up off or for a sporty hair back look.

Make a hair band

Hair back accessory

Step 2

Next, I cut a wide section off the bottom, approximately 10”, 25cm from the hem.

cut wide section off t-shirt hem

Cut off a wide band

Double twist around your neck or head and use as a snood. I get a cold neck and ears when I am out cycling so I have a use for this piece.

Easy to twist for neck warmer

Double twist neck warmer

Step 3

Now the big chop. Start at the side neck and cut down, leaving about 4”, 10cm. Cut across and up again to the other side of the neckline. Cut down the middle of the strip at the hem to make tying tabs.

no sew just Cut front t-shirt

Be bold and cut out the front

Now you have an easy, no sew, front tie top to layer over a dress or vest top.

no sew just tie front top

Front tie layer

Easy tie front top

Wear over a dress or cami top for a light cardigan

Or bunch tie at the back for a cut way bolero shape, again as an easy layer.

Easy to tie at the back

Bunch tie at at the back to make a bolero front

Easy bolero shrug

Bolero shape shrug

Step 4

Up grade

with a little sewing, hand or machine, by cutting the rectangle we removed from the front into two long strips. Add each strip to the bottom tabs to elongate so you can wear as a wrap around and tie at the back. I wouldn’t worry about neatening edges as this is a fun layer and jersey doesn’t fray that much.

If it all goes wrong

or you have any pieces left over, cut up in to mini strips and keep aside to fill a home made cushion… that we will make another day, ok?

cut up left over for a future cushion challenge

Leftovers:  Cut up small and save for cushion filling

I hope this is has offered a starting point for the hundreds of options of things to do with a t-shirt. Start here and see what ideas are sparked on the way. Post any pictures of your creations on my instagram page HERE. Easy No Sew Experiment. Get creative.

Enjoy, K xx