I would like a funky T-shirt even though I am just about hanging onto my forties!

It’s getting the mix of edgy with classic that makes it ok to wear quirky pieces at whatever age!
I love the balance of opposites with all things – delicate flowers with tough denim, wide trousers with very fitted tops and a graphic t-shirt with a tailored jacket – it’s a look I want to wear.

But I don’t want to make a political statement or feminist issue, I just want to have fun. To add something to the classics that I love. So writing that is too bold, too much or too cross doesn’t work for me but an interesting image does, so for starters, here is some inspiration I found on Pinterest.

Love this, tailored jacket over print.

…and a selection of creative graphics, some pretty, some funny and some a bit retro, but all inspiring.

And the one I’ve ordered (first of all), to sit under my blazer, is from Tesco Direct. There are pages of T-shirts with all sorts of possible links but this one is of the Gorillaz characters designed by Jamie Hewlett, who I used to travelled to art college with, so that’s my talking point. What’s yours?