Will you change your Stripes?

Feb 23rd, 2018 Fashion, Inspiration, Kirstie Smillie Kirstie 6 min read

It’s been a very busy February so far. The season has kicked off with all sorts of enquiries including modern wedding looks, clear out Wardrobe Edits and a fresh start to the new trends. But one item, as always, sticks out as so important. The best t-shirt tops, long sleeved but moving into short soon, and stripes, winning the ‘Most Useful Layer’ at number one….

Part 2 – Dressing Apples and Pears (or Big boobs Big bums!)

Jul 7th, 2017 Fashion, Inspiration, Kirstie Smillie Kirstie 8 min read

My last blog looked at great tops from the high street to maximise Apple and Pear body shapes, but we (myself, a full-bottomed Pear with arm phobia, and Alison a fuller bust and middle Apple) also found some fabulous dresses, skirts and trousers, and a few not so good (but an interesting learning exercise!) PEAR – My favourite for hot days, a holiday layer, easy…

Dressing Apples and Pears (or Big boobs, Big bums!)

Jun 25th, 2017 Fashion, Inspiration, Kirstie Smillie Kirstie 6 min read

Along with my lovely friend Alison, I decided to go forth in the quest to dress big boobs and big bums. That’s the fairly crude way of saying that I, of larger bottom and thigh area (in fruit terms a Pear, plus upper arm dislike) and Alison, of ample bosom and dislike of tummy area (a sort of Apple) will try out the best high…

Well-heeled or feeling flat?

Jan 29th, 2017 Fashion Kirstie 6 min read

If, like me, you are feeling that January flat, I like to click on the ‘New In’ link with designer on-line stores to get a feel of the trends selling now, and then try and find similar styles on the high street. Yes, you may lose the full designer flair, but we know our own budgets and need to work within those boundaries. Here are…

Stop and Smell the Roses

Sep 21st, 2016 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 4 min read

A big favourite of mine, flower prints have moved into Autumn. Bold and colourful on darker backgrounds perfect to wear with chunky knitwear and denim layers. Check out how the designers are doing it and then get inspired to suit your own pocket. Dolce & Gabbana flower painted bag, a great way to add petal power without wearing it. Big and bold from LKBennett, silk…

There’s a pink thing going on

Aug 13th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 4 min read

It seems pink is having a little moment and with its gentle warming effect for most skin tones, it’s a good bet to wear now and in the future. Its easy to use as a basic and looks sweet with denim or khaki which adds the tougher edge. In the new September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, they feature a Think Pink editorial, full of pretty…

Shoulder, shoulder, tap, tap……

Apr 24th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 4 min read

There are a few trends this summer that I definitely won’t be attempting, slip dresses (too minimal) and flat mules (too uncomfortable) but the off-shoulder, baring that nice bit of flattering skin has lots of potential.  For day, evening and holidays it just feels right. Designer labels are showing them in abundance like these two from Net-A-Porter. On the high street, my favourite look is the…

It’s a Navy and White Day

Jan 25th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 2 min read

Well, when isn’t it a navy day really. Classic and refreshing, with jeans or for a work wardrobe. Model and business woman, Ines de La Fressange’s new collaboration with Uniqlo picks up on the ‘bleu marin’ staple of fashion in her range, above, beautifully described in French (with translation) here. I love this classic cotton and wool piped edge jacket, in a subtle textured rib….