Kirstie in Print

Guilt Free Wardrobe

Jan 1st, 2020 Fashion, Inspiration, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

Happy New Year and welcome to a year of re thinking how we shop and clothe ourselves – still enjoying the process but with a little more thought… making a difference where we can. With my latest article I have tried to start the thought process with a few ideas, moving forward to less excess but loving what you have, buying better when you need…

Kirstie in Print

Hair we go again!

Jun 14th, 2017 Inspiration, Kirstie Smillie, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

My latest printed article where I discuss my hair history as it’s becoming more difficult to decide which way to go – also including embarrassing poofy hair shots! Click onto the second page for inspiration….where are you heading, long or short?