I really enjoyed the process and feel much happier about my outfit choices ! The wardrobes are much easier to select from now and it’s simple to choose outfits each day, …& got lovely comments about it which was nice.
It felt really good & transformed the look from boring corporate to something a bit more funky yet smart. Thanks ever so much for your help!

Belated thanks for my wonderful shopping experience. I had a great time and was very happy with all my purchases. So many people commentated in my outfit on Saturday night and I felt really comfortable. Even took my new jacket off!!

I can’t tell you how much better feel about my clothes and appearance since you have been to help me.
I am wearing my clothes very differently, in different combinations and not keeping things for special occasions. I feel much more confident when I go out and you have renewed my interest in fashion. Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. Not least because it has been a real pleasure spending time with you.

I really enjoyed taking time out and playing dress up, something that I felt I never had time to do on my own. I’ve done my own wardrobe de clutter but more in terms of what I am or am not wearing, that six month rule – however having you here made it a focused session on what actually works together in my wardrobe – a very different objective. It was time well spent as I certainly found new ways to wear things and that a few minor alterations or adjustments gave items a whole new look.

Thank you so much for the very productive and helpful wardrobe session yesterday. You had quite a mountain to deal with but I am SO pleased with the results and really appreciated your time and patient manner!

It was definitely a case of “I have nothing to wear” whilst staring at a wardrobe full of clothes. I wasn’t sure what to expect and how it would help but those few hours have made me fall back in love with clothes. I know clothes aren’t everything but I think when you feel confident in what you’re wearing you just feel more confident overall!
Oh and thanks for the tip on folding t-shirts and the like – soooo much easier to see what I have now! I’ll be trying it with husbands t-shirts.

Hi Kirstie, thanks so much for yesterday!
It was a valuable exercise for me to feel more confident in the clothes that I currently have – to continue wearing them with an added twist 🙂
Throwing out some of the others has also been very liberating 🙂