A few things you may be thinking about

Due to the recent health scare, I will take all necessary precautions to keep us safe. During our sessions, I use hand gel, wear a mask or shield and bring my own refreshments. If you are interested in working with me but need to be flexible due to health, let's chat about alternatives.
2Where will we base ourselves?
Ideally we work near your wardrobe and drawers in the bedroom or spare room if you prefer, somewhere you feel comfortable that we can spread outfits out on a bed. A full length mirror nearby is ideal.
3What shall I wear?
Wear something easy as you will need to try on lots of outfits – some people like to change in another room or wear tights, but normally after a few changes you get used to me being there.
4Do we stop for refreshments?
A glass of water for both of us would be ideal as we go along, and if you normally have a coffee/tea in the morning, maybe we can have one as we are chatting at the beginning or after an hour or so – what ever you feel like.
5I feel like I should sort and clear items before we start?
Please don’t feel you need to sort out items before we start because there are often little gems lurking that you may have forgotten about and I also live in the real world of keeping hold of things I not longer need – so we can work through this together, just make sure things are accessible.
6Shall I wear make-up?
Yes, if you usually do. Wear your normal day make-up and we can discuss evening make-up looks as we go along.
7Do you take photographs?
Yes, I take simple snap shots of outfits we make that I email to you a day or so after our session. Often they are just of the clothes and don’t include head shots as I find ladies sometimes focus on their expressions not the clothes – they are great reminders of what goes with what.
8Do you take clothes away?
Yes, if they are in great condition I take them to the local dress agencies so you can earn 50% of their re sale value. Very high end garments can be sold through on-line sites, like Vestiaire Collective, which we can discuss. I also take unwanted clothes away which I sell through a clearance company who give a percentage to the charity, Samson Centre for Multiple Sclerosis based in Guildford.

And yes, you will feel better after this, ready to enjoy wearing your wardrobe again.

K x