Its all about finding your own style, a comfortable image that you can forget about through the day. Fashion is a funny thing – it shouldn’t be that important but if you are feeling low in confidence or have a job where image is significant, clothes do matter at a level that will differ for each of us.

Kirstie and Hanna

For fashion and make-up sessions, I work with Hair and Make-up artist, Hanna Wildman

Who am I to say what is perfect style, no one can – people love different things and if someone is happy and confident with their style, fantastic. But most of us have doubts about what to wear.

I have a strong eye for style, quality, what fits and what needs adjustment – I can direct you to the best shapes in a budget that suits you. I don’t want you to buy too much either, a small perfectly formed wardrobe is far better than over flowing, confusing rails of fashion.

How we can work together:

This is a guide, that often varies for each individual.

Wardrobe Edit, from £150 – 3 hours
First of all I would like to learn about your own style for home, work and going out. Fabrics that you like, colours that cheer you up and body areas that make shopping harder. Then we meet to look through your own rails of clothes to find the forgotten gems, the perfect fit and style whole outfits together.

I will show you how to add simple accessories, how to tie your favourite scarves and suggest shoes that add a modern edge.

You will end up with a clear, easy to choose, wardrobe. Simple choices with outfits grouped for day and evening occasions.

Unwanted clothes can be taken away to benefit charities and high end pieces can be taken to various pre loved shops.

Shopping Day, from £150 – 3 hours
I will spend the first hour searching for all the items we need to complete your wardrobe essentials. I photograph options and plan a shopping route for the following few hours shopping together. A simple, fun process building outfits not just buying one off items.

Outfit Notes, from £100 – 2 hours
Once all your new clothes merge with your original wardrobe we can work on a photo session, showing all the combinations of outfits you now have for work or play. Print out the images and display in your wardrobe for an easy way to remind you.

Email updates, £10-20 per month  If you have simple style questions through the month, email me to talk it through or you may need specific items and I will send you some links and image ideas of how to wear, with what.

Fashion and Make-up sessions and parties are available for one to one or small groups, please email for full information.

Top: Portrait photographs, Georgina Watson
Hair and make-up, Hanna Wildman