Now for something Special

Dec 19th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 5 min read

With a week to go, those of organised dispositions have bought and probably wrapped and packed. I don’t fall into that group as I like to pretend I am cool enough to leave it all to the end and not get stressed about buying the perfect presents. In fact I am very uncool and unorganised and do get stressed at the last moment. But for…

One for you….Two for me!

Dec 9th, 2016 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 4 min read

This is a tricky time of year… when shopping for others, why do we find so many things we like for ourselves! Here are some tempting titbits you might like to give ….or keep yourself! I love this creative patchwork of wool checks and plaids, which will look amazing wrapped around. So simple, but so beautiful for coins or makeup. Never tire of a fresh…

Not on the High Street by Kirstie Smillie

Dingly Danglies

Dec 2nd, 2016 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 4 min read

For a time I just didn’t wear long earrings, but trends change and develop into something you actually quite like – I even wore a long pair of golden earrings and a necklace with a shirt the other evening, a first for ages. The new angle is to wear them as daywear with boyish shirts and chunky knits and somehow they seem less girlie. This…

Jigsaw by Kirstie Smillie

Don’t panic!

Nov 25th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 3 min read

Just the thought of super sales and Black Friday makes my heart pound. I hate the idea of rushing in and buying the best deal under so much pressure…there is no Christmas spirit in that. Remember there will be more sales in the run up to 25th….so chill, don’t panic buy! There is great relief in Jigsaw’s stance #ourfriday of not including themselves in the…

Kirstie in Print

One Forty Fabulous

Nov 15th, 2016 Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

This month I wrote about One Forty, a really beautiful emporium store in Cranleigh, Surrey. Read on to learn more about owners Richard and Elaine Graham, and about their Christmas Card Holder Event on 23rd November… I’ll be there too. Vantage Point

I wanted something Red

Nov 7th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 6 min read

I suddenly wanted to wear something red the other day… and I felt it quite specifically, a loose fit crew neck jumper to liven up my camel coat. I didn’t want to spend a lot for this item, but I wanted it to be warm, soft and a cosy ’weekend’ fit. Maybe it’s red as Christmas is looming or just Autumn leaves inspiration but I…

Easy Does It

Oct 29th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 5 min read

There’s a chill in the air – I have that feeling of wanting to cosy up in textured knits and long cardigans in warm earthy tones. In fact I dug out my trusty Jigsaw boyfriend cardigan, in a tobacco shade, and love it layered with shades of denim for this kind of weather. Brands have been emailing all sorts of knitted lovelies over the last…

10 tips for a Winter Wardrobe Shuffle

Oct 20th, 2016 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 4 min read

It’s called many things…wardrobe edit, sort, clear out but basically this is the perfect time to take the stress out of the morning, ‘I don’t know what to wear’ wardrobe. I have been working with some lovely ladies over the last few weeks, we have taken the whole lot out and put back maybe 50% (with a little room to add the essentials missing) I…

A simple silk square?

Oct 11th, 2016 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 4 min read

Something I had to try, after seeing on the catwalk at Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, was the headscarf. The last time I wore one with pride was in the early 70’s when my mum would make my sister and me matching dresses and scarves. We felt a million dollars. Now, I feel somewhat silly, but I do love the small scale prettiness of a…

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