Foot Patrol

Sep 15th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 5 min read

Autumn Feet. The last two weeks have flown past with kids back to school and new season clients ready to fly into Autumn styles. It was chilly,  then its baking and now rain, and footwear, as ever, is high on the agenda. My morning thoughts often start with what shoes I will wear for the day ahead, trousers come next and tops are easier. I…

Haste to Lace

Aug 28th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 4 min read

I think I have always loved lace. The romance, the intrigue, the beauty and of course the practical bit of covering up fleshy areas without wearing a polo neck all year round! I have worn my lacy number from Warehouse, bought a few years ago, as an under and over layer. Experimenting with stripes under lace or adding a colour to make the changes, but…

Kirstie in Print

Jeans made easy

Aug 18th, 2016 Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

I probably wear jeans seventy-five percent of the time by default, picking them up to wear with a shirt or smarter jacket as my go to easy peasy look… Vantage Point magazine  

There’s a pink thing going on

Aug 13th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 4 min read

It seems pink is having a little moment and with its gentle warming effect for most skin tones, it’s a good bet to wear now and in the future. Its easy to use as a basic and looks sweet with denim or khaki which adds the tougher edge. In the new September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, they feature a Think Pink editorial, full of pretty…

Sarong Song

Aug 2nd, 2016 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 7 min read

I know that sarongs aren’t on trend at the moment, whilst kaftans are having their moment, but after my recent holiday my trusty rectangle of cloth was really the saviour of the day. I bought mine a few year ago from the high street, loving the print, large size and tufty raw edge. I’ve worn it pleated as a scarf on the plane with my…

Searching for a Gem

Jul 14th, 2016 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 7 min read

I started writing my blog last November and for the first time I have struggled with the subject matter. It has to be the weather as the normal subjects for this time of year just don’t apply – Hot Weather Dressing, The best Summer Maxis or Cool Comfort, will have to wait until we stop having inches of rain every day! So after a sleepless…

Top Shop by Kirstie Smillie

Sale Savvy

Jul 4th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 7 min read

No doubt about it, there are huge sales out there, rails of merchandise so reduced it would be crazy not to buy! But be weary, think savvy. Don’t fill your basket with great bargains just because it’s cheap. You still need to love it and know that it will be worn effectively in your lifestyle. That doesn’t just mean multi use everyday items as clever…

Swimwear, don’t put it off!

Jun 23rd, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 6 min read

For years I have ‘made do’ with past bikinis, a bit baggy, not great support, colour faded – great image I know. But this year I really wanted one that I felt good in. Buying on-line is tricky as you have to look past the perfect body models and think, how would this really work on me? I love the look and simplicity of a simple…

Always a Maxi Moment

Jun 13th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 7 min read

..and I’m talking the long ankle length swish of fabric not a surprise trampoline accident – which apparently is making a big noise in exercise classes – not for me! I find the lure towards longer skirts an easier option on warmer days as shoes are always the issue. Yes, midi skirts look fab with a block heeled ankle boot or a wedge but in…

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