Creative Styling Ideas

This is a great time of year to experiment with clothes you already have. Take everything out of your wardrobe and even the process of putting back in again, will remind you of items forgotten. 

Use these 14 creative styling ideas to give you the confidence to try something new, even a little change will boost your fashion flair, go on, take the challenge.

Creative styling ideas to try:

No 1. Add a collar to a summer shirt under your lightweight sweater will a unique collared knitwear

No 2. Go Raw with unmade hems add a creative edge, and it’s best to avoid perfect when possible.

Denim culottes with raw hem

Raw hems. A few imperfections add character


Layer Up

No 3. Layer two jackets like a slim line denim or leather fit under an oversized over coat.

No.4 Layer two fine tops to show the longer sleeves from underneath a short sleeve.

Long sleeve layered under short sleeve

Lucinda Chambers adds an under sleeve

No 5. Separate smart suits and wear tailored jacket with jeans, and pinstripe trousers with trainers and knitwear.

No 6. Mix prints boldly with stripes and spots and checks and florals.

Striped shirt and spotted scarf

Ines de la Fressange does French chic with spots and stripes

Have Fun

No 7. Humour is good but go understated with a quirky ring or printed t-shirt to brake up the norm.

No 8. Mix smart and casual by adding a casual hoodie under a smarter coat.

Leopard printed coat with tarten trousers

Add your own personality with pride

No 9. Add one item that you really love for instance, a beautiful belt or the softest cashmere

No 10. Layer up if a jumper is too short and wear it over a longer t-shirt to add a band of colour at the hem.

Classy Additions

No 11. Add a shirt or long sleeve t-shirt under a dress or jumpsuit.The contrast really works.

Add a white shirt under a start dress

Jacki Burger does layering

No 12. Add a cami if a neckline is too low, wear it over a straight edge cami to fill the space.

No 13. Tonal colours don’t have to match perfectly, a few different shades are often more interesting than one.

orange sweater and long scarf

A bold colour statement to stand out in a crowd

No 14. Add a pop of colour somewhere, a sweater or scarf will lift your skin tone and your mood.



If you are less confident about trying a new look, make sure you are with friends for the first time, so if you decide it’s not for you, no problem – but if you love it, then you are ready to wear it out with pride. 

It’s amazing how creative you can be if you spend a few hours experimenting.

Push the boundaries every now and then, but if you need some direction, let me know, I’d love to help. Find out about some of my services HERE, with online options available too.K x

I found these images on Pinterest.