“Fashion is sometimes characterised as being about conformity, an industry intent on persuading the individual to buy an endless series of uniforms from one season to the next.”

Wrote Justine Picardie, Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar, back in 2013 (an article I kept for future interest)

The fashion of the season may be telling us all to buy yellow jumpsuits, but we all tend to have a uniform look that is our comfort go-to style. For me it’s my Gap jeans with turned hem, and Jones Bookmaker ankle boots with a variety of tops and I’m always happy in layers of blue. When I dress in jeans and have fun with simple layering, (here wearing a Jigsaw shirt and Pure Collection sweatshirt)  I feel at ease and relaxed, and don’t have that feeling of wanting to change when I’ve left the house. Of course, I always have a jacket close at hand too (my own safety blanket!)


My uniform of shades of blue

Our personal uniform is our simple favourite look of all, no fuss, no problem. It is very noticeable with teenagers at college level, they have the chance to wear what they like, experiment, but look at the groups walking to lessons and you soon see a repeated style – it’s easy, no one will query their choices. Some days we just don’t want to stand out.


Layer denim and Liberty shirts

Blue jeans are a huge part of most wardrobes. Essential almost. Jeggings, straight, skinny, cropped and flared – the ease of a jean means it is a uniform. Finding the right fit takes perseverance and energy trying on lots of brands, styles and price levels. Put the time in and you’ll eventually find your the perfect fit, its a great feeling.

I am planning some jean workshops in Guildford to enable you to try on lots of styles and Find Your perfect Jean.


First date is Tuesday 12th April, 10-12.30. For more details and bookings please email me at kirstie@kirstiesmillie.com. The session will comprise of small groups, so come along on your own or with a friend or two for an informal, learning, trying on morning.

As well as finding your perfect jeans, you will learn about footwear to choose and find great tops that finish off your own personal uniform, comfortable and reliable.

I look forward to hearing from you. It will be fun.

K x