…and I with not very attractive lower digits, need to work harder than most!

So I booked myself in for a pedicure at Rare in Godalming, Surrey. I have passed the chic white and grey frontage on countless occasions intending to make a visit. I think I am a bit picky with beauty salons, the first impressions mean a lot as I want to feel at ease and relaxed to enjoy a rare pampering treat.

My beautician Hannah proved perfect at her job – a simple smile starts us off well, and her gentle manner made me feel immediately comfortable. I also had the added bonus of sitting in a gently massaging chair during my dedicate soaking, neatening, filing and painting treatment.

This is the scary bit, toes ‘Before’ (hooves come to mind!)


Wintered toes – Yikes!

And the ‘After’, in my wedge sandals from Jones Bookmaker. I wear heels so infrequently that I tend to go for comfort wedge heels for that odd occasion. Metallic is always a good bet to wear with denim, white, khaki and multi prints and Jones Bookmaker have a great Outnet if you don’t mind being flexible looking for your own size.

IMG_4279 (1)

No princess but I’m feeling feet forward ready


Last few left at Jones Bookmaker

A great flat metallic with this pewter T-bar, and amazing value at £29.


Jones Bootmaker pewter T-bar

Or go natural with these animal wedges perfect as a focal point worn with simple cropped jeans and white t-shirt.


Go natural with Gabor at Jones Bootmaker

Or keep it pure, simple and comfortable… and probably what most of us will end up wearing. White is very on trend (when isn’t it) and the large buckles keep it modern.

Sandals, denim and white as shown on by Miranda Kerr and Uma Thurman on Pinterest.

mirranda crop




birk crop










Try not to get caught out – it’s time to prepare!

K x