If bargain, vintage, pre-loved and charity is your thing (I know there are a few still to be convinced) then the Oxfam on-line shop is a little gem. Selecting the best from stores nationwide the website brings together a huge variety of styles. Yes, you still need to be a bit of a visionary (no fancy models for most things) and there is an element of phaff, but if you have time to work your way through the listings, you can find some fab things.
I have only just got onto this site through one of my friends, thanks Catriona, and it’s a chance to buy designer or high street at good prices. There is a delivery price of £3.95, no matter how many items you order, which turn up in separate packages, and returns are free, all sent back to one location.
You can shop by occasion, price or even brand if you have one in mind. It is best to set your filters for a range of sizes you could be, and select the Sort filter Price: Highest to Lowest to see the best first. Just Remember there is only one of each! These were all available at time of posting this blog.

Great forever bag.

Dip into the red trend without spending a fortune.

Net skirt, great with big knit layered over the top, to wear with ankle boots.

A classic herringbone to throw over jeans and a polo.

A seasonal check to nod to the new trend. Perfect with denim jacket.

Something unique to lift your black trouser look, a statement jacket.

Out of season but just a lovely layer for next summer.

I selected my first order with jeans in mind. A bit of mad decision really as sizing is all over the place with different brands. Out of the four designer brands, one was a winner, a new pair of Versace tagged jeans for £35. Sadly not for me, but perfect for my daughter, so one happy customer.

If you have the time and patience it will be worth the search,

K x