I know a lot of people shy away from print, but don’t… it’s perfect to add into your wardrobe for the party season. I walked into Ted Baker yesterday and was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful vintage inspired jacket. Deep rich tones of aubergines, plums and rich dark gold.  Its the sort of item that would never go out of fashion, to bring out for that sudden evening do with your little black dress or to tart up jeans and a silky cami for a girls night out, the metallic fibres add a subtle shine to work with a simple bronze heel. Its actually not a print but a jacquard weave (the design is woven in the fabric, not just printed on top) Hence the price tag of nearly £200! 

ted baker jacket

Ted Baker  jacquard woven jacket

For a less expensive item, this painting-like floral vest is so pretty. Wear it as it is under a classic tuxedo jacket, to add softness and rich tones, or layer under a sheer shirt to allow the colours to show through – so much more interesting than just a black cami underneath.

ted baker floral vest

Ted Baker floral cami

On the more casual note, I am always on the look out for fun t-shirts that say something (but not in words!) this Zara printed long sleeve T-shirt. £15.99 will jazz up jeans with a luxury tile-print design. Its a polyester front, but feels soft and fluid, with a jersey back and sleeves.

Zara tile T

Zara tile print t-shirt

Or this jersey two tone top with a geometric velvet design, with a 3d texture that adds a little luxury to a t-shirt, £19.99, great to peak out from under a blazer and jeans combo.

Zara print T

Zara geometric design T-shirt

Think print not plain to add some ‘oomph’.

Kirstie x