My last blog looked at great tops from the high street to maximise Apple and Pear body shapes, but we (myself, a full-bottomed Pear with arm phobia, and Alison a fuller bust and middle Apple) also found some fabulous dresses, skirts and trousers, and a few not so good (but an interesting learning exercise!)

PEAR – My favourite for hot days, a holiday layer, easy wear with sleeve frills to disguise arm wobbles. It’s shorter than I would normally wear but when it’s hot….! It also has a soft cotton/linen/poly mix so quite cool and easy wash.

APPLE – Alison’s favourite was a surprise really, but the large gingham check, wider neckline and bias skirt, all flattered her proportions. The back is a cross over, so for a clean finish, opt for a multi way strap bra.

APPLE and PEAR – We both liked this tunic dress which had flattering details, the open neckline finished in the right place for a fuller boob, the details minimalising opposed to bulking, and the hip shape was not too tight on my bottom, and obviously I loved the sleeve cover, and washable cotton blend mix.

PEAR Minimalising full bottom

APPLE and PEAR – Another shape that worked for both, and if we had the occasion we would have bought. For me, the arm detail added confidence and the fit and flare is always a winner for Pears. The collar shape also worked for Alison’s proportions. One doable alteration for a slim fit front would be to sew up the buttons to hip line and add an open side zip, so not button gape. A chambray style fabric in a washable cotton/linen so very cool, although a little bit creasy!

PEAR Arm and hip cover!

PEAR – A great shaped dress for a pear with good arms (so not me!) This is a perfect example of a ‘fit and flare’ which just needs a better quality belt added.

APPLE – A dress to maximise slim hips and the soft gathers were flattering for a full bust. The only down side was the unforgiving fabric which showed every underwear bump so will need some smooth undies for best result. Gorgeous deep khaki, in a washable man-made.

APPLE –  A big surprise was Alison trying on the jumpsuit, a style and a print she would have normally walked past. It looked amazing and would have been perfect for a summer wedding with chunky neutral coloured wedges. PEAR shapes also benefit from the slimming all in one line of jumpsuits, (Note: always take friend to the ladies)

APPLE – Sadly a ‘no-go’ shape in a flowing fabric and pretty shade but really only flattering on the very slender. In cool washable cotton, the proportions did not flatter.

APPLE (No!)  TopShop, £36

PEAR – For my ‘pear posterior’, a ‘no-go’ turned out to be these wide floral culottes, which is a shame as I loved the idea. I can wear culottes but really only flattering with a wedge. Wearing an eye catching print just where you least want to draw attention did not work for me, a dress would have been far more slimming.

PEAR – Understated coloured trousers with a waist detail draw the eye to my slimmer area and these ‘paper bag’ style trousers offer the fullness just where I need it!

APPLE and PEAR – Another surprise for Alison’s Apple shape was this A-line washable pure cotton button-down skirt, we both loved the cool simplicity which need a shorter t-shirt to show off the waistline.

So play around, allow yourself the time to try on something new to learn if it’s a maybe. Some will be a definite ‘No’ but others will open up new proportions. Fashion should be fun… remember?

K x