You’re rushing out and want to wear something special but have ‘nothing’ in your wardrobe. Well, nothing that you love anyhow…going-out clothes can be tricky.

So buy the one thing that will always work, look and feel amazing. A fail safe item, a fall back classic that rarely, if ever goes out of fashion. A silk shirt. Done up, tucked in or layered over a cami, there is something about the luxurious fabric and a subtle sheen that will be your forever friend.

Go simple with a block colour and lift the look with a fun clutch, easily paired with jeans or classic trousers and sleek court shoes or ankle boots.

I love this khaki version from Zara, oversized and slinky, just add a girlie pink beaded bag.

Or this burnt orange Autumn hue, adding a sparkle clutch.

A berry shade of purple with a little bit of animal power.

Or a fiery red with a printed bag worth talking about.

I would always prefer to choose pure silk but there are viscose (and poly!) blends out there that feel pretty good if the shape is better for you.  Just make sure it has the silky luxury to make you feel wonderful when going out or even ‘Out out’.

K x