It’s taken me a while to catch up as fashion news moves digital and, being a technophobe, the thought of learning how to up load, link and add meta tags for this blog made me all dizzy. But here I am 3 months in and (nearly) enjoying every minute of it (although I have messed up a few times!)

I have enjoyed watching the experts who are a few good years in and have subscribed to the ones that really click with me. There are so many fashion and style bloggers out there that you really have to choose the ones that add up for you.

Here are my favourite THREE :


Kat’s bottom line

ONE  For a fun filled daily blog about Kat Farmer’s life and purchases, Does My Bum look 40 in this? offers plenty of great advice on every garment going. The best skinny jeans, midi skirts or cashmere roundup – what works and what doesn’t – it’s a great blog for information. Look back in the archive garment listings for the item you are looking for, and even if some are now out of stock, as most brands replicate a good seller, the shape information will transfer to their styles for this season too. Kat doesn’t take herself too seriously so you instantly feel at ease with her. She does look great in most things but like all of us, has her bugbears,

“I have always struggled with skirts on a waistband as I’m thick of middle. I don’t have a waist as such and these either haven’t fitted or make me look like a weeble.”

Does my Bum look 40 in this, will at the very least, make you smile, as you recognise many of the issues 40 somethings all worry about, including returning a once loved midi skirt!



Alyson Walsh, for grown up style

TWO  Journalist and Author, Alyson Walsh, offers weekly words of wisdom with her blog, That’s not my Age. She picks up on a strong story in fashion, art or a social topic and with just one or two striking images conveys her thoughts. Alyson’s experience has been developed into a book and has toured New York for a promotion with her American followers.  Having recently been named as one of the most stylist women over 50, Alyson shows how to wear the key trends in a ‘real’ way and selects a better quality from the upper end of the high street and designer levels.

“It’s not about age, it’s about style. And this is for every woman who refuses to be invisible.”

ALYSON_50 crop

Alyson by Kristin Perers

For an intelligent look at fashion, That’s Not my Age, will open your eyes to the new movement by fashion insiders that (at last) fashion matters past the teen age.

Frug crop

Realist, stylish Alex Stedman


THREE  Alex Stedman is the name behind, The Fugality. Filled with inspiring images, from her travels abroad or just out shopping, Alex manages to make simple things look expensive. She has the knack to pick out the best of each brand and is confident to focus on items as they are just becoming a trend. I loved her casual take for jumpsuits at a wedding and her chic choice of homewares in her minimal home styling. Her style is very natural and with her girl next door looks, she won’t make you feel intimidated to try the trend yourself.

“I believe there are people out there like me: I live off every penny I earn, my wage goes towards my mortgage, bills, travel, food and (sadly) my credit card bill. But I don’t set my sights low, I still want Eames chairs for my flat and the PS1 bag to carry my wares, I’m just sensible with money where I can be to afford the luxuries.”

Frugality crop

Date Night Frugality style

Fresh and up lifting, The Frugality is great for little pearls of affordable wisdom.


With all three of these bloggers, it’s the reality that works. They are all gorgeous women but thankfully not models so we can relate to their lives and believe their words. All great inspiration for me. as I work with real, working women who have little time but lives to lead, hopefully feeling amazing with just a little help from the pros.