I have vivid memories of my mum slipping her bra off during summer evenings – a subtle back reach to unclasp, double shoulder shift and side slide to remove said undergarment, 10 seconds flat!  It makes me chuckle as it all makes sense now. Underwired bras, in relax mode, after 8pm are far too uncomfortable .

So I did a bulk buy from Marks the other day. I really wanted a soft bra shape to put on in the evenings to offer a bit of support but not dig in once I flopped (on the sofa). It was harder than I imagined as I really wanted natural fibres but all the cotton ones didn’t appeal once on.

Out of five options I returned them all, but re-bought this one a size bigger for extra comfort. 

There is a good colour range, a proper back fastening, instead of an over-the-head tank top style, soft shaping with bust darts and under bust seaming, no underwire and no padding. There is a racer back clip option and it’s available in cup A-E, £12.

Is anyone else with me on this one?

Go forth in comfort xx

K x