The simple crop t-shirt has been my life saver garment in this heat. No, I’m not baring midriffs but popping on top of sleeveless dresses – it means my waist is free of restrictions, no tucking-in dilemma and my arms are covered for going out.  I don’t hate my arms but feel more confident with a sleeve of sorts, and then at home when I want to be free of layers I can go back to straps again.

Here are a few cropped ones. Choose a size up so not too tight over the dress workings.

Or a wrap waisted top over dresses will also add a new look, especially if a dress is too bare for daywear. Try this.

My old striped H&M version has sat upon three of my dresses, changing their identity to ‘wearable out’ so I am now on the search for more options to extend my own wardrobe.

Over my Monsoon button through-dress

Top Shop scoop, above,  over my racer neckline (comes up very small, so size up)

Basically this opens up a new style, don’t ‘diss the dress’ without sleeves, make it work for you by adding your own top layer, just look for shorter and a neater fit than your average T-shirt.

Give it a go…experiment.

K x