Along with my lovely friend Alison, I decided to go forth in the quest to dress big boobs and big bums. That’s the fairly crude way of saying that I, of larger bottom and thigh area (in fruit terms a Pear, plus upper arm dislike) and Alison, of ample bosom and dislike of tummy area (a sort of Apple) will try out the best high street options for real body shapes.

Basing ourselves in Bentalls Kingston which is part of the Fenwick group and no on-line store as yet, the chance to try on and play for a few hours was all very exciting. It also highlighted the importance of actually visiting shops to experiment with a mix up of brands, instead of just looking on-line and becoming disillusioned.

For starters, a look at t-shirts and tops that worked for Apples and Pears, cool clothes for hot days.
The big surprise was Miss Selfridge. Generally aimed at the younger, we found plenty of better quality cotton or blended T-shirts at very reasonable prices…generally just size up one.

First up was this vintage-style, washable viscose blouse, great with high waisted jeans or skirts, I went for ivory, Alison for lilac. Miss Selfridge cut out blouse, £30.

PEAR – Emphasised my waist, with my high waisted Gap jeans.

APPLE – Slim fitting on Alison’s boobs, with a Hush floaty skirt.

The cropped basic T-shirt, which comes in a few colour ways, was a fresh take for Alison, who often chooses looser shapes. This one has little side splits and sits slightly longer at the back, worn with cotton button through skirt from Warehouse. 

Alison, “Cropped t-shirts!  I would never have tried those on in my forties.”

This 100% cotton T-shirt has a pretty cut-out design in a few colours, perfect to add ‘girlie’ to boyish jeans and also worked with a long pleated skirt from Marks and Spencer, surprisingly flattering on both body shapes.

A simple t-shirt with a lace insert also adds a little something to a basic for both body shapes.

Grey lace edge cropped t-shirt, £18  PEAR Drawing eye to waist not hip.

APPLE Crop defines waist line and softens bust line.

And then a couple of different brands that we loved. Firstly All Saints floral T-shirt, soft and girlie but made interesting with the block bands on the sleeves, which suited my upper arm phobia.

And for Alison, a large gingham check with a boat neck, looking great with slim jeans but not with a full skirt.

Sometimes things just work, even if the rule book says they shouldn’t, so experimenting is very important and fun too. Just allow yourself the time to play and not the day before an event!

Alison, “Having the photos was also good to show hubby when I got home and get his thoughts – that was actually a fun touch.  It was interesting to see what he liked and didn’t like.”

The next blog looks at trousers and dresses that worked too, and some that didn’t!

K x