I love Jigsaw’s monthly emails ‘What to Wear in…’ series. Each month, if you are signed up for their newsletter, they select a suitable wardrobe depending on the time of year, seasonal events and the weather. For May (see here)  they are concentrating on a trip to Tuscany, with silks and linens. Obviously Britain’s changeable temperatures mean we can’t move too swiftly into lightweight fabrics alone as we have to hold on to our sweaters for at least another month!

So with Jigsaw’s idea in mind, what can we be wearing now it’s May. It sounds like it’s warming up so I am beginning to prepare skin to be on show and having very pale skin, I have ventured into the self tanning creams… and I think I have found a winner.

Easy to apply, Vida Liberata cream has given me a natural, non streaky hint of colour. Enough to give me the confidence to show my legs off…well from knees down! After a shower and rub down, I used two 10p size balls for each leg and rubbed in using a large, round and round motion. Skimming over knees and ankles, and then waiting for 10 minutes, (or up to 20 minutes if you don’t suffer from boredom!) you then wash off and the magic slowly appears. No smell and no marked sheets is a bonus. It’s the best I’ve tried (though I haven’t tried that many!) and it will be on a repeat purchase for a few months to come.

And with slightly tanned legs, I have an urge for skirts and follow the popular demand that pockets are essential. Not so much for a screwed up tissue but a relaxed hand position, it just feels right.

My latest passion, I noticed while shopping with a client, is from Zara. High waist (with elasticated back), cotton, pockets… the only down side is that I have to put on over my head as the opening is a bit small! But it’s worth it.

Here are some more Zara winners.

Just wear with a tucked in sweater and trainers now and T-shirts later strappy sandals later.



I love it, there is something in a swish for spring!

K x