Trends come and go, and some look great but are so damned annoying! Elasticated off shoulder has that element as every time you move your arms forwards or upwards, the neckline springs off! Flared and bell sleeves are also problematic! Washing hands, cooking and eating become messy unless you have the cycling equivalent of ankle clips for your wrists.

So choose carefully… You have been warned!

Net-a-Porter’s great styling but tricky eating by designer Rejina Pyo.

Pretty bell sleeves, can be gorgeous on the slender but watch the width addition to the average hip ratio!

Floaty pure silk dress for holidays (or tunic over cropped jeans when at home!)

Less flounce but still a crumb collective. (Note styling tip: subtle pinks worn with hint of magenta)

My advice is to choose sleeve details that are higher up at the arm, like this gorgeous pure cotton blouse by Zara, on my Spring wish list.


K x