Something I had to try, after seeing on the catwalk at Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, was the headscarf. The last time I wore one with pride was in the early 70’s when my mum would make my sister and me matching dresses and scarves. We felt a million dollars. Now, I feel somewhat silly, but I do love the small scale prettiness of a printed square that has so many uses…honestly!


Dolce & Gabbana catwalk styling

On my recent annual visit to Lyme Regis (perfect windy headscarf location) I decided to scour the second hand stores, no luck, but then found three in the sea front vintage store, one by Mary Quant, and two silky ones that were just very pretty.

One moment I wore as a front neck drape, the next, as the rain started, tied to keep my hair dry (for the short dash back to base!)



Then the next day I tied on my bag for a colour flash, then moved to a side tie to keep my hair from blowing during a jurassic stroll.


Pinterest, front tie and tuck


Pinterest, loose twist and side wrap

Vintage shots show how the celebrities of the day inspired the whole nation.


Audrey Hepburn



Jean Shrimpton

I wanted to look as elegant as the Gucci gals but alas, this was the best we could do, land girls Lyme style.


Sisters, silk twists and side tie

And after this little experiment I may just use in a less obvious way – a simple wrist wrap for colour.


How brave will you be in the windy weather?

K x