Guilt Free Wardrobe

Jan 1st, 2020 Fashion, Inspiration, Printed Articles Kirstie 11 min read

A Wardrobe without guilt Like many people, I am guilty of owning too many clothes. I do love most of them and wear many combinations of outfits, mending and repairing where I can. Whenever possible I buy vintage and preloved items to fit in my wardrobe, alongside a few well thought out new purchases. For a guilt free wardrobe, the important point to remember is…

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The Yard Market – a Godalming secret

Oct 30th, 2019 Inspiration, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

It has been a pleasure meeting Laura and Danielle from The Yard Market, full of fresh ideas for sustainability and inspiration. Here is their story in my latest article for Vantage Point magazine, scroll down for page 1 and 2. I promised some more present ideas and these will be appearing shortly, so please join me and sign up on my style blog for more…

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How to run a fashion business (or two!)

Sep 6th, 2019 Fashion, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

In my latest article out this month in Vantage Point Magazine, I chat to Liz Trendle owner of two boutiques in Surrey. Years ago I set up a boutique in Guildford as an excited fashion designer, only to find out the hard way that running any fashion business is tough. Here’s how Liz works it.

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The ‘useful’ summer trends

Apr 29th, 2019 Event, Inspiration, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

My latest article for Vantage Point magazine is out now. I wanted to look at the trends that are wearable and inspiring to wear now. It basically shows you don’t have to make any great changes…a few tweaks here and there can up-date your look, it may be one accessory or a new way to layer prints but start small and enjoy the process. I…

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The Shoe Fits

Nov 5th, 2018 Fashion, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

My latest article published in Vantage Point. Scroll down for the second page. ” You may have sorted the outfit but sometimes getting the right shoe is the hardest part….”

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Hair we go again!

Jun 14th, 2017 Inspiration, Kirstie Smillie, Printed Articles Kirstie 1 min read

My latest printed article where I discuss my hair history as it’s becoming more difficult to decide which way to go – also including embarrassing poofy hair shots! Click onto the second page for inspiration….where are you heading, long or short?