Stop and Smell the Roses

Sep 21st, 2016 Fashion, Inspiration Kirstie 4 min read

A big favourite of mine, flower prints have moved into Autumn. Bold and colourful on darker backgrounds perfect to wear with chunky knitwear and denim layers. Check out how the designers are doing it and then get inspired to suit your own pocket. Dolce & Gabbana flower painted bag, a great way to add petal power without wearing it. Big and bold from LKBennett, silk…

Foot Patrol

Sep 15th, 2016 Fashion Kirstie 5 min read

Autumn Feet. The last two weeks have flown past with kids back to school and new season clients ready to fly into Autumn styles. It was chilly,  then its baking and now rain, and footwear, as ever, is high on the agenda. My morning thoughts often start with what shoes I will wear for the day ahead, trousers come next and tops are easier. I…

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